About our Savior

Jeffthebaker has been involved in cryptocurrency since he was introduced to a Bitcoin casino on Minecraft in August of 2013. 15 at the time, he was initially intrigued in Bitcoin for its ability to be used to play online poker on shady sites that do not care how old you are.

Like <everyone else> in the space, our Savior wears many hats. He first began playing a bigger role when he started interacting with the Bitcointalk forums- participating in microtasks and giveaways to accumulate a modest amount of crypto. From there, he got caught up in news writing, through which he was active from March 2014 to June. By June, he had accumulated enough Bitcoin to buy a new PC, and thus, had no further need to pursue freelance work.

Jeffthebaker spent the next several years shilling and trading absolute shitcoins on Yobit with impressive returns. After enjoying the glorious bull run of 2017, our Savior decided it was worthwhile to get back into the freelance scene. This interest was reinforced by the heart shattering price movements throughout 2018. Now, he works with numerous projects across the space in different capacities. He is a leading author on NullTx, a team member of XAYA, and has held or currently holds work contracts with a variety of projects and companies, including Market Across, Cobinhood, MARKET Protocol, Tides Network, BTC Manager, and Chicago Blockchain Project.

Much of his work consists of ghostwriting for major projects. Most notably, he has had content published on Yahoo Finance, the leading financial news site in the world.

For business inquiries, DM him on Twitter lol @jeffthedunker