I told my dentist I would be paying in Dentacoin and he called security

Just had the worst experience. I was drugged by my dentist during an operation  under the guise that it was just “laughing gas” and while high up in the clouds I divulged in him that I planned to pay in Dentacoin. He asked me if I had any cash instead, because, per his words,”That Dentacoin shit is a scam” (what kind of dentist doesn’t understand Dentacoin???) and I explained how the silly monopoly money known as USD has no actual value and as such no, of course I didn’t have any god damn cash. He stopped the stopped the operation right then and there and called security to forcibly remove me from his office.

So now I’m sitting on the curb outside the office and I need advice about what to do next. I need to have this dental fix finished because right now I’m just bleeding profusely with a half-pulled tooth. I would Uber to a more accommodating dentist but they have a strict no mess policy so the blood wouldn’t fly. I’m still loopy af so I can’t drive.  Also I’m becoming more and more light headed.

But while we are on the topic of Dentacoin I’d like to share some information about literally the best utility token on the market. Dentacoin is a U N I V E R S A L currency for dentists and even orthodontists if they are about it. You see dentists struggle financially because of bad local currency conversion rates so a cryptocurrency for dentists just makes sense. Plus the founders of the coin own like all of the supply and there is an impressive inflation schedule so they will always have the funds to drive adoption and bring in more dentists on board.

The only problem is there are some absolute morons that get dental degrees from quack schools ie today’s dentist that can’t wrap their feeble minds around the genius that is Dentacoin.

Also, does anyone have any Lawyacoin they’d like to trade? I need to hire a team of legal experts to stick it to this doofus dentist. As I said earlier I do not have cash and also not selling my digital gold (Denta) but I do have food stamps. If you are interested contact my assistant.

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