Paid Group Subscriber Raves about Winning Trades in Bull Market

95% of traders are not profitable. Trading wealth funnels from the majority to the very best. I’ve been winning at this game all my life. Win with me. Only 0.05 BTC/month for a limited time only to join my trade group.

It’s been a year since CryptoXcoW joined his favorite shitcoin influencer’s paid group. Now, at the heart of the bull market, this budding trader could not be more enamored with his decision. CryptoXcoW boasts steady profits as him and the others that make up the private “Crypto Masterminds” group are trading well and working out just what ROI they need to buy a new sports car.

CryptoXcoW has taken the time to sit down with Bitcoin is the Devil, the reallyest real news in crypto, and talk about the Crypto Masterminds group through which he attributes all of his recent success.

CryptoXcoW: “Thanks for having me dude. Yeah, I joined Crypto Masterminds about a year ago. I had been making good money when everything was booming- everyone was, but once that ended I just didn’t have the same luck. There was a promo for just 0.05 BTC a month and I thought, ‘hey, if this group really helps me make the winning trades, that coin is just trivial, ya know? So I went for it.”

Bitcoin is the Devil: “Wow, sounds like you really dove in head first and went for it. You explain now that you are doing well. Has it always been so profitable, being in this paid group?”

C: “Oh, not at all. When I first started, that was a tough time for everyone. The first several months actually, I wasn’t able to make any money. Really, nobody was, and I was grateful to be in a group of people going through the same thing. Even our leader was struggling, but he provided us the support and confidence we needed to ride it out.”

B: “You really overcame some adversity there. How did things eventually turn around for you?”

C: “Yeah, it was a tough time… I was able to save up enough money to pay the fees by following your wonderful frugal eating guide. And before long, the markets started picking up and my trades started turning green. We all started making money together, as the market went up. Every one of the Crypto Masterminds were doing well except for the ones that followed glorious leader’s NANO calls, but nobody can get every call right!”

B: “If it’s okay with you, would you mind sharing some figures about what your profit looks like?”

C: “No problem! After the group fees, I’m still up 50% in USD since the start of the year. 50% in a year??? Who does that? Nobody. This group is the real deal. Yeah, I gotta pay up some every months, but honestly that’s such a small price to pay since it’s all coming from straight profit. If I keep this up… holy shit man it’s gonna be great in a couple of years. And I have to thank Crypto Masterminds for all my success.”

B: “Any advice you’d like to share to aspiring traders so they can get rich just like you?”

C: “Don’t fret if you aren’t winning. Most traders don’t win on their own, I certainly don’t. Take advantage of the resources available. Some might say to just use free tools like Twitter, but you know what they say about that, ‘if the service is free then you’re the product’. Don’t be the product, be a winner. Crypto Masterminds will make you profitable. Use my ref link for 50% off when you purchase a one year subscription.”

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