Chad Dumped his Crypto to Buy a Sports Car. Exclusive Interview on Meaning Behind his “HODL” License Plate

Chad Johnson is just like you or me, except more alpha and he also gets all the Stacies. Chad is with us today to share his feel-good crypto story in a time when we desperately need it. Chad has actually found some comfort through all this mayhem. He played his cards right, got in crypto when he felt was best, and was fortunate enough to realize his gains to buy a sweet ride. Do not fret, frens, as one day, you too could be like Chad and turn out alright from all this crypto nonsense.

Bitcoin is the Devil: Great to have you with us today, Chad. Would you care to tell us about the story behind your car?

Chad: Yeah bro. Forsure. I was chilling with some babes when we saw a lambo passing by. They mentioned how cool it was. It was pretty fucking cool- so I went to lot and bought one myself.

B: Impressive, what did your “babes” think?

C: Haha good one bro! I ditched those losers the second they handed me the keys. They didn’t deserve to ride in it.

B: Amazing. How were you able to buy it with crypto?

C: Bro it was so easy you had no idea. Bitcoin was at $20k and everyone wanted a slice of the pie. The salesman actually cut me a discount for paying in Bitcoin. Said the boss was focusing more on investing in the company’s future. Good guys, both of em!

B: Was it hard to part with your Bitcoin?

C: I have no regrets. I knew it was the car for me.

B: Well, you seem at least a bit attached to your crypto. Explain for us the meaning behind the “HODL” choice of license.

C: Hold on for dear life, bro. That’s the motto. I held and look where it got me! Ha! If guys wanna be like me they gotta hold like I did. All there is to it. I want people to know about that. It’s really philanthropic of me to do that. What can I say?

B: So you still hold crypto?

C: No bro. I hold the keys to this beaut. Not everyone was able to do that though. The people still out there gotta hold strong.

B: Wow. Inspiring, thanks for taking the time to come out and meet with us. Any coin picks for our readers?

C: You only need three coins, bro. XRP, TRX, XVG*




*Disclaimer: the three coins Bitcoin is the Devil most heavily supports is XAYA, Endor, and MyWish.

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