Chuck E Cheese to Integrate Blockchain-Based Tokens

Despite continuing price dumps, this is the latest and newest addition to the 519 good announcements crypto has had this month. And guess what folks, this could just be the biggest one yet. Chuck E Cheese is going to replace their dirty fiat coins with genuine blockchain Chuckbucks.

According to company mascot and timeless childhood evangelist, Chuck E Cheese himself share that he expects Chuckbucks to, “Put us on a path to give more smiles than Peter Piper and Dave and Busters, combined, by 2020”.

The company had seen problematic trends growing across all franchises. Bullies continually defrauded children of their tokens. Employees were negligently endorsing expired coupons. Counterfeit tokens exchanged hands in the ball pits. It was truly disastrous and the kids were suffering.

There was obviously only one solution in combating this: blockchain. With the help of US$50 million in private sale funding, Chuckbucks will be sweeping the nation in Q2 2019. When kids are stamped into the establishment, they will no receive a unique QR code that they can use to fill up on Chuckbucks and spend them at any arcade game. Insider sources also suggest that these tokens will be transferable to Coinbase wallets, although the public won’t know about that until day 9 of the 12 days of Holiday financial announcements.

A closed beta for Chuckbucks already took place earlier this year, and was mostly successful. However, they had an issue with unruly children distorting their QR stamps by licking them repeatedly. R&D is working around the clock to determine a lick-proof stamp substance that will be tamper proof and secure.

While this is a phenomenal move for Chuck E Cheese investors, employees, and patrons alike, this development also has massive weight to the overarching crypto space. Children are one of the largest demographics in the world, and they are the most underserved in terms of banking and investment outlets. This move indicates the introduction of an entire generation of individuals who will grow up being their own bank.

The NRA has also been lobbying to make some progressive changes to the Cheese franchise. They have been proposing the introduction of guns behind the prize counter for highly skilled children that have hit a few jackpots. If successful, the introduction of both have major potential, says ancaps and libertarians. This could be the move that destroys banks altogether. Dentists are rejoicing at the prospect that the candy store industry could be destroyed as collateral.

Either way, these are much needed changes to prepare our society for the 4th industrial revolution and the impending alien war. Today, rifles in the ball pit. Tomorrow, the best dang ol’ pilots protecting us through his God Emperor’s Space Fleet.

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