Crypto Evangelist, Ignoring Past 5 Years of Development, Explains Peak Crypto Value as “Global Currency”

Under the hood, blockchain technology has evolved. With the ushering of generation 2 blockchains, which enable the intuitive communication of data, and generation 3 blockchains, which address scalability and interoperability concerns, the number and value of utilities now capable and already in use through blockchain technology is very impactful and paradigm-shifting across numerous industries.

Today, public and private blockchain networks and protocols built upon them are offering numerous services and functionalities not previously possible. In addition, they are massively improving the manner in which certain utilities were previously carried out. These products and services have already seen widespread and enterprise adoption in a number of fields, such as: logistics, cloud computing, file storage, messaging and communication, lending and finance, predictive analytics, betting, e-commerce, counterfeit protection, healthcare, data management, crowdfunding, voting and e-governance, identity management and protection, ad blocking, online gaming and e-sports, trustless escrow, contracts, software development, social media, charity, food production, real estate, cyber security, content creation, media sharing, scientific research, and refugee aid, to name a few.

However, according to popular Tweeter and renowned speculator CryptoC0w, none of this really matters at the end of the day. We’ve had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. C0w and gain a bit of insight into his perspectives on the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

“Here’s the thing. Ethereum is stupid. It’s a scam. Find me someone out there that cares about virtual cats. You can’t! Nobody actually uses Ethereum or cares about dApps or any of that nonsense. Nobody. Let me explain something to you. The banks and governments of the world have been working in collusion for centuries to hoard wealth for themselves and oppress sovereign people all throughout the world. They maintain this control with dirty fiat. That’s where Bitcoin comes in.”

Veins popping, fist clenched, CryptoC0w continues, “Those poor people in Venezeula… confined to a worthless, hyperinflated currency. It’s tragic. Crypto can save them. It can save all of us. From the control of governments. We can bring monetary policy back to the people worldwide. A deflationary global currency would bridge global inequality and end world poverty.”

When asked to clarify on his opinions about a deflationary currency, and reminded that studies suggest such a currency would actually inhibit lower classes and exacerbate inequality, C0w calmly replied, “I don’t believe a single word those filthy economists have to say.”

The conversation shifted back to utility projects in the space. Several were highlighted as what seemed to be legitimate examples of blockchain adoption outside of currency. Examples like BAT, Maker, and Factom were communicated.

“Again, nobody actually uses these. It’s all just a get-rich-quick fad for people who don’t care about the underlying ideological and philosophical superiority of cryptocurrency. They are all going to die and those people deserve to lose their money. Like I said, the role of crypto is to disarm banks and governments and bring people back to control of their money. Separation of money and state. That’s not going away.”

Before concluding the interview, CryptoC0w shared his personal favorite cryptocurrencies, “Bitcoin started this all, but it’s simply not fast enough and too expensive to really have what it takes to be used worldwide. My pick is Digibyte, it has super fast blocktimes and it has more blocks found than any other blockchain. It has a lot of adoption and seems to really be heading in the right direction. Digibyte is going to save the world.”



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