XRP Officer Signs Resignation, Here’s What He’s Trading Now

21 Ripple Salutes all around. The XRP army has faced heavy bombardment from King Corn’s reign of fury, and officers are dropping left and right. A moment of silence for the most recent casualty, please.

In February 2018, XRPBrad (Twitter handle @Braddles96Clark) first Tweeted in support of XRP the Standard. At that time, XRP was trading at around $1.20. Just a month earlier, Ripple had eclipsed $4. Had Brad bought the top? It’s uncertain, but one thing we do know, he fought hard all the way down.

Despite rampant claims of being a centralized shitcoin, XRPBRad remained faithful to his XRPArmy for the next 18 months. But no individual can endure endless torture, and on August 21, Brad had finally reached his limit.

Poor one out for the fallen soldier, lads.


At the exact time XRPBRad had decided to fly the white flag, XRP had hit lows of $0.26. At the very least, Brad was down 75%. Much more likely, we were looking at losses of 90%… or more. Had Brad kept open a stop loss at twenty six cents for the past 18 months? Or did a psychological trigger hit, forcing him to cut dies with his beloved coin?

The Road Ahead

While we may never know Brad’s true motivations, we do know that this is not the end for the fallen soldier. Brad has a plan. He’s going to take whatever is left of his Ripple and trade it back up to the warchest he once had. First picks? Harmony (ONE) and ChainLink (LINK).

At time of writing, both ONE and LINK are down roughly 10% versus Bitcoin from time of Brad’s Tweet.

As of now, Brad has vocalized plans to rejoin the ranks of #XRPArmy once more, once he can turn healthy profit on some other shitcoins. Hopefully his next picks don’t reflect past-pump 4Chan flavor-of-the-months. Or hopefully they are? Nobody will have an issue with a permanently retired Ripple Officer…

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