Local Man Uses Kids in “Bitcoin Lemonade Stand” Viral Stunt

This long Labor Day weekend, most American families are taking it easy, going for a swim and grilling burgers out back, a master plan is brewing at the Sanders household. Does one local dad have the answer for Bitcoin adoption?

On Sunday, Buddy Sanders could be seen by area residents supervising a pop-up lemonade stand ran by his two children. After a long Saturday of planning, Sanders’ troops: Johnny, 5, and Aeddyson, 7, were on the front line, lemonade pitcher and hand. Sanders’ beam of enjoyment looking over the scene was unmistakably that of a proud father.

While Sanders was certainly happy for his children’s entrepreneurial spirit, he was more enamored with their independent decision as to what the medium of exchange should be for a glass of ice cold lemonade. No quarters would change hands today, Johnny and Aeddyson were only trading their goods for Bitcoin. With a pen-and-pencil poster reading “Bitcoin accepted here” and an accompanying QR printout, the two were ready to go.

In an exclusive interview with Bitcoin is the Devil, the reallyest realest news in crypto, Sanders shared some insight into how the whole “Bitcoin lemonade stand” came to be,

“Thanks for having me, I’m personally a massive fan of Bitcoin is the Devil dot com. In raising my children, I’ve done my best to prepare Johnny and Aeddyson on the shortcomings of the monetary system and current fabric of global economy. The benefits of cryptocurrency to arm citizens against predatory figures like banks and governments. And look at that, they seem to get the jist of it!”

Buddy Sanders, through a long-winded monologue, then explained all the methods in which he hinted that it would be better to only do crypto and that he would only buy the supplies if they chose not to accept fiat until the children caved and “agreed to go crypto-only entirely on their own”.

Rumors have it that the lemonade stand failed to generate any sales. Many customers were driven away when demanded to pay in Bitcoin. An elderly woman even professed that “This is the work of Satan in our youth!” However, Buddy was unfazed.

“Listen, looking at sales is really only taking this for face value. This isn’t about lemonade, my kids have signed on to fight a role for their own financial freedom. Do you know how many onlookers weren’t even familiar with how to use Bitcoin? We’re still early, and these munchkins are leading their generation to prosperity.” Sanders also shared off-the-record that he planned to haggle for the excess stock at 25% of sale price.

Throughout the day, Sanders made liberal use of his iPhone 7 camera, posting the event to all of his social media outlets. Sanders claimed he was hopeful the venture by the kids would catch the Twittersphere by storm and make him his children overnight heroes. Current metrics of engagement suggest that crowds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have not been receptive yet. 

However, a picture of the Sanders children did circulate to the top of /r/Bitcoin, where commenters flocked to compliment Sanders on his exceptional parenting.

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