BSV Developer Who Made a Ponzi Game: Grateful to be Assessed ‘On the Value of My Work’

Like a Chihuahua in literally any situation, “Crypto” Randy Morsh found himself jumping in to battle against controversial Bitcoin maximalist Peter McCormack regarding Pete’s Tweet about saving misguided investors from BSV. As a developer getting paid to choosing to build on BSV, this, of course, hit close to home for ol’ Randy.

After several back and forth Tweets, Randy dropped the ultimate bomb. “I am one of the lucky few who can still earn a living based on the quality of his work and not other people’s opinions.” Randy is, of course, insinuating that his reputation isn’t important since his epic skill as a developer speaks for itself.

This is, of course, the same developer that built up and aggressively marketed the “CryptoCelebrities” ponzi game. Well, it doesn’t really qualify as a game. Essentially he attached different popular accounts on Twitter to NFTs. You buy it and the price goes up for the next person to buy and you make some profit. Unless you are the last one bag holding, then you have a worthless token that cost you over 150 ETH, in the case of the Elon Musk buyer.

This is, of course, the same developer, who, riding the hype of CryptoCelebrities, threw together PepeDapp, a blatant rip of the Pepecash infrastructure on Ethereum. With his partner in crime, Coin Yeezy, Randy and co. minted a bunch of Pepes as NFTs and aggressively marketed to the sheeple of crypto Twitter. Naturally, after selling a bunch of Pepes and raking in a bunch of Eth, Randy so expertly abandoned his project as soon as he released it.

And now, Randy is the genius behind the absolute beauty that is Twetch. Twetch is just like Twitter except it’s better because it’s centralized (even though you can only make an account if you are invited by one of a select few gatekeepers). It’s also better than Twitter because it’s not free. Every interaction costs some amount of Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV [the real Bitcoin]).

It truly is a miracle that skilled conmen coders like Randy are afforded the ability to pursue their passions of harvesting their followers enriching the space with cool and meaningful projects. Thanks for all you do, Randy!

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