Nobody is Participating in Bitconnect 2.0

Carlos Matos’ wife could not believe that Mr. Matos was on the path to becoming independently, financially independently with the advent of BitConnect. Like many worldwide, Carlos got caught up in the massive BitConnect ponzi, and when the anon founders decided to pull the plug, him and many others were caught with their pants around their ankles and their money up in flames.

“But sometimes the best get rich quick scheme is one of them dang ol’ ponzis”. Surely, someone out there actually believes this, and is desperately sniffing out the next big one to jump in at the start. But if that person does exist, they decided BitConnect 2.0 isn’t the next path to financial freedom.

Earlier this summer, BitConnect 2.0 officially launched. For some reason, there was actually a decent amount of hype for it across 4chan and Twitter. Unfortunately, now up and running, nobody seems to give a fuck about it.

In the first go-around, BitConnect offered payment packages and vesting periods where you could send Bitcoin and receive BitConnect over time. Your BitConnect could then be sold back for Bitcoin at the end of the period on-site (through other people’s funds). When shit hit the fan, the creators ran off with hundreds of millions of corn.

But this time around, whoever is behind 2.0 decided to take the “decentralized ponzi” route, pioneered by Proof-of-Weak-Hands. Through a smart contract, you can buy BC2 tokens. When you buy, the price for the next person goes up. You can also sell back whenever you like, and with each transaction, existing holders earn some dividend rewards.

Unfortunately for those expecting a massive scheme, BitConnect 2.0 hasn’t attracted any activity. Since launching in July, there is not even 20 ETH in the contract address. In other words, the total funds sucked up by the return of the ponzi accounts for barely $3,000. In reference, that new airdrop garbage SHIT token is worth exponentially more.

Perhaps perspective investors did not appreciate the fact that it was a “transparent” ponzi. Maybe they didn’t like the fact that anyone could sell whenever they wanted. Maybe you just don’t get the same rush as when some unknown scammer could steal all your money any hour of the day.

Whatever the case may be, there will be no financial independence conferences brought to you by the folks of BitConnect 2.0.

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