‘That One’ PR Company Providing Service to ICO Scams Pays Workers Less than Minimum Wage

Mr. Steinberg is the infamous lawyer in Trailer Park Boys that typically represents (or flakes on) the boys for the various petty crimes they find themselves facing charges for. Steinberg is laughably bad at his job, and is primarily concerned with snagging a thousand dollar lawyer fee whenever the boys come for his assistance.

In the world of cryptocurrency Public Relations, AmaZix is Mr. Steinberg.  AmaZix provides dirt cheap marketing and community moderation for absolutely anyone. Like Steinberg, their clients typically consist of the most worthless scams in the space. Also like Steinberg, you get what you pay for, which is a criminally worthless service. Hopefully you’ve never had to interact with this group. If you have, you probably got caught up bagholding some ICO exit scam.

If you have the pleasure of interacting with someone from AmaZix in a community interaction role, you’ll inevitably grow very frustrated and spiteful over their complete lack of knowledge of the domain they are put to oversee, and rightfully so. But realistically, it’s not their fault. The Eastern European team of content creators and CMs are providing a value reflective of their pay: just $1,000 a month for a full-time, 40hr plus work week. This works out to a disgusting $6.25/hr (before unpaid overtime).

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Now, pay does double after the first month, which is cool. Their veteran members are earning $12.50 per hour, about the same as McDonald’s cashiers. But realistically, the turn over at such an abysmal job as protecting scammers against defrauded investors means that most of the crew that get wrangled in by AmaZix aren’t around by the end of that 30 day flux period.

The best way to protect yourself and defend the space from scum like AmaZix is to turn and run whenever you see them. If you happen to be married to a particular shitcoin that is employing AmaZix, complain to the team until they get rid of them. Some of the tech savvy applicants might be able to take up legitimate jobs and build a career for themselves. Everyone wins, except for AmaZix, the way it should be.

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